Fashion Motivation

It’s funny how fashion is a motivator for many things in life. For me (and I’m assuming many other people), having an unbelievable ensemble is important for my top three motivations:

1. A hot date
2. A great workout
3. A productive workday

If I pull it apart, the most frequent activity on that list is the workout part. Work sometimes gets in its way and hopefully the hot date will lead to activity that makes clothes less important (yes, I really just implied that…)

Nonetheless, I’m not alone in thinking clothes help with the workout part at least. Yet another Women’s Health article agrees with me by saying the having a crisp fresh outfit prepped the night before is motivation for an early morning workout. Now, while I may have butchered the meaning of it, regardless of what time you work out, I bet it sounds much more appealing with a cute new outfit.

As for where to buy it, I always love me some Lululemon. I know some of you might be thinking it’s overpriced; however, I disagree for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, it lasts forever. You tell me how long Target’s stuff last after many, many washes…

That’s what I thought.


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